Multihead Weigher

Automatic Weighing & Packing System

A good reputation of high stability and accurate weighing makes it become the trusted range of multi-head weighers.

Application: Confectionery/peanuts/snack/chips/nuts/jelly/flakes/cookies/bakery/coffee beans/pet foods/dry granule or small objects etc.

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Item Compact 10 heads Weigher Compact 14 heads Weigher 5.5L Large Volume 10 heads Salad Weigher 5.5L Large Volume 14 heads Salad Weigher
Model AC-6B10-2B-13X AC-6B14-2B-12X AC-6B10-2B-06Y
Generation 2.5G 2.5G 2.5G/3.5G 2.5G/3.5G
Weighing Range 15g-300g 15g-300g 100kg-8000g 100kg-8000g
Accuracy _0.3-0.8g _0.3-0.8g _1-3g _1-3g
Max.speed 60WPM 120WPM 50WPM(2.5G)
Power Supply 220V,50Hz,60Hz,1kW 220V,50/60Hz,1.2kW 220V,50/60Hz,2kW 220V,50/60Hz,3kW
Hopper Volume 0.8L(Dimple/Plain) 0.5L(Dimple/Plain) 5.5L(Dimple/Plain) 5.5L(Dimple/Plain)
Monitor 10.4 inches color touch screen
Dimension(mm) 1336*930*1146 1236*936*1113 1900*1266*1900 2340*1710*1860
Optional Parts Indeed funnel/V shape linear feeder pan/
Independent linear feeder pan/Collection bucket.
skirt on linear feeder pan/Cylinder gate on linear feeder pan/ Pressure valve / Heater
Optional Modification Bucket surface finishing/Collating
chuteangle/Feeder/Collating funnel.
Rotary top cone/Plate hopper/316 Stainless steel/Linear feeder pan angle/Cross baffle in collating funnel/Diameter and angle of collating funnel Teflon coating/Collating chute angle.