Metal Detector For Sauce

High stability and sensitivity, suitable for the Pump Pressure Fluid and Semi-fluid Product, Sauce, Liquid etc.

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Metal Detector IMD-I-L Series

  • Automatic product identification technology, powerful ability to suppress product effect.
  • Easy to be integrated in existing sealed pipe system.
  • Compact design, small occupied pipe length.
  • Teflon food grade inner tube, high temperature and pressure resistance.
  • Fast and accurate rejection valve, not only suitable for the high speed fluid, but also for slow viscous products, less material loss.




  1. The technical parameter above namely is the result of sensitivity by detecting only the test sample on the belt. The sensitivity would be affected according o the products being detected, working conditions and also the different positions the metal mixed with.
  2. Detection volume per hour is related with product weight and speed.
  3. Requirements for different sizes by customers can be fulfilled.