Portable Wheel Wash above ground

With the Grating Wheel Wash, the driver can drive through quickly. The rinsed water can be recycled, and just needs to feed a small amount of water during work, so it can save a lot of water.

It is especially suitable for washing wheels and the underbodies of transport vehicles in all types of construction sites, mines, factories, cement works, coal mines and landfills.

It is easily installed and moved, which can meet the needs of frequent transitions.

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Features of Pit-type Wheel Wash

  • Patented products
  • Automatically rinse wheel and underbody of engineering vehicle
  • Solve the pollution on the road completely
  • Automatically remove sludge, and dosing to maintain water quality
  • Recycling using the wash water, maximally saves water resources
  • Suitable for varieties of construction sites, transition easily


Specifications of DCX-100T roller wheel wash

Installation Specifications

Wheel Wash Installation Specifications


DCX-100G – roller wheel wash
DCX-100T – drive-through
DCX-100D – single-row roller
DCX-80T – movable roller
DCX-70T – movable
DCX-40T – movable